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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Making Money Online

So I gave myself a goal of making $10 per day in residual income online and although I did have to put a lot of work in because I am doing all or most of the work myself, not having referrals, I managed to exceed my goal!!! GO ME!!!! I am proud to say that I made $77.32 in residual income online this week, that is approximately $11.04 per day!!!

QuizDollars: $35.37
SimpleGPT: $17.76
PaidtheFastest: $21.00
YouData: $.19
DollarSurveys: 3.00

I definitely had a great week! The downside to my week is that the 2 children I was babysitting, will no longer be coming to me which means I have to work a little harder online to make up the difference. I can do it though, I have FAITH!!! I am sorry I didn't post the proof of all of my payments, I will do my best to consolidate them in a later post. If you have any questions about earning or any ideas of other ways I can earn, please let me know. I am open to join programs I have never heard of and get your referral credit too, and vice versa, if you aren't already a member of some of the sites I mentioned above or even any of the banners on my site, please feel free to sign up. Have a blessed day!!!


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