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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ReadBud, Sidetick, ImCrew... adventures!!!

I was introduced to ReadBud by a networking friend I made on Sidetick. I only started yesterday and though the payout minimum is $50 I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel with my current earnings setting at $1.01. Come read and rate articles with me at ReadBud.

Sidetick is slowly outdoing Facebook for me, though Facebook has been a great networking site for keeping up with family and friends, it has only helped me get a handful of referrals. With Sidetick, I am generating lots of referrals and I am getting paid to network. I am slowly figuring things out on Sidetick, but am happy to report my current earnings are at $5.85, I need $25 to cash out but I am averaging $.50 a day. If you want to earn $.50 just for reading an email and commenting on a blog, click here.

Finally, ImCrew... another read, share, and rate articles site scheduled to launch on Thursday, August 5th. I am excited about this one, because I have lots of referrals, and I am hoping my referrals will be active on the site and will help generate some income for me while earning for themselves. I set a goal for myself of 20 referrals and am very happy to report that with less than 24 hours to launch time, I am only shy of 2 referrals. Come be those final 2 that I need, click here and let's see what this site is all about.

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